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Much thought and years of experience o into each piece of pottery by JoAnn Stratakos. All pieces are original designs created and produced exlusively by the artist in her studio in the Pocono Mountains and Pennsylvania. They are made of stoneware clay, which has splendid serviceablitlity and resists chipping. Each piece is hand- Dipping requires more time than spraying, but gives each piece subtle cariations and it unque character. The color and shapes are designed to comliment, not compete, with your decor and the foods being served.

Safe in microwace and dishwaher.


Hoodoo you Voodoo
Unicorn Soap holder

The Witchy Cat Woman

Somewhere between a woman and a cat this piece collides into a magickal one of a kind creation. Entirely hand-made and adorned with a radiant Rainbow Moonstone point, a Jasper moon, Onyx star, and handpainted embellishments. The eyes are cut from a piece of textured stained glass to give it a convex apperance. Her mirror background is wonderful for deflecting negativity aimed towards you. 



This one-of -a-kind flower faery is completely hand-made. Each and every strand of hair is an individual element. She is adorned with glass flowers and leaves from Czech Republic and brass accents. The dangling stone is a Crazy Lace Agate. Fawn is a beautiful reminder that we are all connected to nature, without it, we would not exist. This piece has been gently sealed for it's protection.

They are here!!



Handblown glass, with a combination of swarovski and highly faceted Czech crystals.

They are known to fend off misfortune, illness and evil, and to bestow happiness to the owner!


This is a dragonfly friendship ball. attached is a "imagine" charm. It comes in blue shades.

Yellow Sunshine Friendship Ball with a "joy" pewter charm.

 Fairy Friendship ball will arrive here in beautiful shades of lavendars!!

The Gate Keepers Keys


Historical Keys from Gettysburg, Pa

Crystals, Stones, and Scents!

If you would like to purchase any items on our website, or items you have seen within our shoppe during your visit, please contact us by phone {570-724-1155} with your credit-card and information, and we will be glad to ship your items to you!


Amazonite: This stone is a soothing stone which can alleviate emotional trauma, fear and worry and provide harmony and balance. It is known as the stone of the truth and courage. Amazonite opens the throat and heart chakras to give and receive loving communications.



The Healing Touch Pottery is in!

These Unique pottery mugs are hand crafted and share with you the healing energy both in it's beauty and touch. Each mug is hand paired with a healing stone to match the vibrational frequency of energy flow and then reiki charged. Only the highest qualiy of quartz clay and glazes are used in order to maximize the vobrational frequencies. Wares of healing touch pottery are made in the USA.



Wild Berry uses only the highest quality fragrances and a secret ingredient insures the fragrance stays fresh and smells the same on the stick as it does when it burns.

The moment you walk through the door, our aromatic and sensual Wild Berry Incense greets you as a fine bouquet.

Check Out Our WILD BERRY Products

Traditional Sized Sticks are approximately 10.5” Long and burn for about an hour.

Shorties™ are approximately 4.5” Long and burn for about half an hour.

Fragrance Oils come in half ounce bottles with a free applicator wand.

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